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How to move safe with kids and pets

Children and pets are the ones who bring joy to the house, and are the ones who need more attention during the move. How do you prepare them before moving out, will influence how smooth their transition will be.

As soon as your moving is confirmed you'll have to talk to your kids about your plans. They will be anxious to discover that new home, new friends, new school and new places to go and enjoy. Of course, they can be worried because of everything they will leave behind, but if you stay positive and motivate them about all the new experiences they are going to discover, they will be OK.

Don't leave the kids out of the process. Of course, the burden of moving out won't rest on their shoulders, but when you keep them involved in the process they will feel they are an important part of the family.

Let them do their own packing or pick their favorite colors to label their boxes, set a priorities list of things that they will keep. Search local guides or interesting places near your new destination. Turn their anxiousness into excitement discovering parks, playgrounds, sports events, zoos, local attractions, etc. Talk to them about their new school and the new friends they will make.

If you are looking for a new place to live include them in the process, ask what they would like to have at the new home. In case you already have bought the property show them images of the new place, let them pick the color of their bedrooms or other areas. Ask for their thoughts on decorations or ornaments even the distribution of the furniture.

Your kids will surely be afraid of saying goodbye to their old friends. Explain them that they can keep in touch sending pictures and emails to them, or through social media accounts, they love technology and surely will enjoy using it to keep in touch. Arrange a simple goodbye party for them. Moving with pets is a different chapter.

Our best friends could be as stressed as any person during the moving process. First things first, you should take your pet to the vet. The idea is to have them checked and be up to date with their vaccinations. Ask for the medical records and a Certificate of Veterinary inspection that could be required when moving to a different state.

It is very important that your pets carry their ID and license tags or microchips if they got them. They are going to be roaming around a new environment and could easily get lost. Those tags should have your name and contact info.

On Moving day, the flow of people in and out of the house carrying boxes and furniture, besides leaving the doors opened is stressful for pets and dangerous for them, they can get hurt or escape. We suggest you keep them in a quiet room far from the noise until everything goes back to normal.

During travel, you need to contemplate the use of kennels for dogs or cats. Before that day, you should have already searched the best way to travel with them. In case you need to sleep in a hotel, be sure to have reservations in one that accepts animals.

New home and new world for your pets. They will be desperate to explore your new property and its surroundings. Assign a place or is litter box (cats), water and food that resemble the location they had at your former home. Be careful and sympathize with them until they get used to the new environment. Take your dog for a walk around the block so they get used to it.

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