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Cross country move everything you need to know

Going from Point A to Point B across country is not always a straight line. If you plan in advance you can have a smoother relocation than you think. Initial questions will scare you at the beginning: Will I be able to pack everything by myself? Can I move everything by car? How I'm I going to get rid of all the things I don't use anymore? When you can answer emphatically these questions you can start preparing to move.

Ask for different companies’ budgets, be very clear to them if you have special items that need extra care or large storage, and include several alternatives like driving your vehicle or hire car transportation. Consider the possibility of flying instead of driving, for example, your pet transportation if that were the case. Also, consider extra days of travelling according to the season of the year; weather conditions could delay your journey. A simple car failure could mean one or two days behind schedule and unexpected hotel and food costs.

Drive or be transported?

First thing if you have a car and intend to drive by yourself is to know if it is in good shape for a long trip. A good tune-up is mandatory and must include at least an oil change, breaking system, radiator, belts and breaks. The money you spend there, won't compare to what could cost an emergency in the middle o nowhere. Next question is: Are you ready for 8 to 12 hour driving days? When the moving date is defined, you can estimate the weather and this too is an important factor. If any of those questions is negative, you'd better opt for car transportation. Also, evaluate the cost for both scenarios.

Be organized

You can't turn around the Interstate on your 3rd day and return home because you forgot something for cross country moving. You must be very organized; double check you packed everything before leaving, use labels to know where every box belongs. Start early and make your life easier. Consult the moving company what can be transported and what is prohibited (liquid, flammables). Dispatch everything you don't need. Sell it online, do a garage sale or donate it. You and your family need essentials for the moving day and either you drive or get transport be sure it is into the car or plane. Airlines have their own hazardous materials list.

Get your pet ready

Travelling by car or by plane is stressful or your pets. Each one has its own complications and you just can do enough to help them endure the journey. Buy a kennel adequate of his size and leave their collars on because they are nervous and could escape. Pets must have their health certificates up to date.

Medical records

Your medical background will be essential when you find new doctors for you and your family. Ask for recommendations from friends or your current doctors and dentist. If you have friends or are being professionally relocated at your new place, it's good to ask advice from them. Check with your insurance company coverage about your health care, car or home policies.

Be up to date with your service providers, utilities, postal service and subscriptions. Take your time to notify them your new address. Don't forget to cancel memberships or transfer them if possible. Hit the street at your new home. Walk or drive to nearby grocery stores, coffee shops or bars and get to know your neighbors, that will help you settle in and make the transition easier.

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