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10 moving tips before and after move

Plan ahead, organization is the key. You can move quicker and easier if you follow these 10 simple tips for a successful move.

1- Prepare a schedule at least 6 weeks before your deadline. Set that schedule on a Moving notebook that will be your loyal companion until you're settled at your new home. Organize your content. You'll be able to keep track of your weekly goals, setup your budget and keep an eye on your expenses. Do a step by step checklist and keep track of your advance week by week, as you complete the stages of your tasks. List the materials you may need, the stuff that you'll drop, assign the number of boxes or crates for every room, arrange a contact phone list, pending paperwork, etc.

2- Get rid of things you won't use. Make an inventory of all your belongings, leave your heart out, and start purging. You have several options once you start doing it: you can donate to charity, arrange a garage sale, set up an online sale or make gifts to family of friends. Be hard on yourself, after your initial drop off list, wait a week and do another one, in the end you could make some money and save a lot of space or your next home.

3- Visualize what you'll be taking along, and compare the size and number of rooms you have now with those of the new place. Think if you'll be able to make the moving by yourself or if you'll need to hire a professional company. Check the reputation of the moving companies in your area. Ask friends who've had to move. Contact the companies, brief them and compare their budgets.

4- Packing. This is the most time-consuming stage of any moving. Once you have made your inventory, you have to define the amount of packing materials you'll need. Do you have large furniture, delicate or fragile items to move? Heavy items like Piano? Do a detailed list and buy accordingly. Tape, boxes, crates, markers, bubble plastic, cushion foamy, etc. Do it room by room and label every pack, use a different color or every room if you want. When you label you are gaining valuable time when you unpack.

5- Reserve all your personal documents and your family. You could use large envelopes to transport them safely and organized. If you hire a moving company keep them with you until you reach your new destination. Just imagine all the time you will lose if you have to replace them.

6- Supply all your service providers with your new address and contact details. Have all those changes ready before you leave. Pay your pending bills. Get info about the utilities or your new home, don't wait until you get there. That also includes your regular mail deliveries. Avoid missing up to a month of the information you want delivered at your door. Prepare a contact list of professional service companies, you may need them.

7- Day essentials. For short distance moves you'll need just a few things, but for long distances you should consider a full list of essentials for the day. They include bottled water, medications, toiletries, snacks, tools, clothes, etc. Remember that you could be moving in your own car or in a bus or plane. Moving companies don't transport people.

8- On Moving day you or someone familiar with your belongings should be present to help the professional movers do their task. Show them the rooms and the boxes or crates so they can arrange them in the moving truck. With the inventory in your hands be careful to include everything. That same inventory will be your guide once you arrive to the new place.

9- Once you arrive you or someone familiar with the destination should help the moving staff. If it is a building, the elevators may be used for moving at certain times only. Be careful not to block someone's entrance. Collaborate with them organizing the boxes by room. Help them save a lot of time downloading and unpacking.

10- Check water or gas valves and electric boards and switches. You and your family need to know where they are. Review the status of your service providers. Get to know your new neighbors and ask them for help until you are familiar with the area. This will help you settle in a smoother way and adapt to your new home.

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