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Moving a piano or art ? let's us do it for you !

Special move - Denver Moving Services offers the option of a special move; a special move includes pianos, antiques, pool tables, fine art, hand expensive frames and all other valuables. We take our special moves very seriously, our priority is to pack your valuables in away that they will be 100% secure throughout loading, transit and unloading. Our experienced movers will handle all special items with the utmost care and efficiency. One of the ways we are able to keep such items secure is by using our custom-made boxes that we assemble ourselves. These boxes are designed to specifically for these special items. We also offer soft crates and wooden crates upon request. Get a Free Moving Estimate...

Moving Piano

Denver Moving Services offer a special move; It is highly suggested that you let us know in advance if you are going to be moving such items (pianos, antiques, fine art, pool tables, etc). It is important for us to know because we need to plan and coordinate the safest and most efficient way to move your items in tact. We offer special protective gear when it comes to moving these special items, so its important we have them on site the day of the move. It is recommended that you use our expert movers and services when it comes to these kind of items. Our movers are qualified and trained in this sector making them the safest choice. Get a Free Moving Estimate...

Art or special items

When it comes to packing and moving these items the protective gear and materials are just one aspect of a few. There are techniques that should be done when wrapping and packing these items. If done incorrectly the item can be damaged while being moved at any point and during transit. Also take into consideration the items like these are usually very heavy and can be dangerous to move if done incorrectly. Some pieces might need to be disassembled before moving and assembled upon arrival. Its crucial to have people who are knowledgable and experienced in this field. Get a Free Moving Estimate...

Special Packing

When it comes to pianos some people feel more comfortable hiring companies who’s specialize in moving pianos. The reason they choose to do this is because pianos are extremely heavy but at the same time have very fragile components. These companies are usually license and insured in piano moving services, they may even offer trucks that are climate controlled. At Denver Moving Services we will guide you and let know what we believe would be the best option for your special move. Our priority is to make sure we get you and your things moved safely and unharmed. Get a Free Moving Estimate...

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