Long Distance Move

Long Distance Move/Interstate Move - Moving to a different state? We are here to help you make that move. Long distance moves also know as interstate moves can be the most stressful for a number of reasons, but with Denver Moving Services this transition can be easier. We provide hardworking and experienced movers who ca pack, drive and unpack your belongings for you, if needed. We work and offer our services in over 40 states throughout the country. Long distance moves require certain government guidelines that must be followed when it comes to transporting items. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you on what can be moved and what cannot be moved.


Moving out of state ? 


Local Move 

Local move - Denver Moving Services provides a variety of professional moving services that fit any need, we’re ready to help lead you to your road to success. From apartments to houses, condos, high-rises and office spaces, we specialize in all types of local moves. Our moving teams are professionally trained to handle any situation. Apartment moving can be very tricky but we are more than able to overcome all the obstacles that we would face. Denver Moving Services movers are professional, efficient, hard-working, and respectful. We want to make your move as easy as possible for you and your loved ones.


Full Packing Services 

Full packing services - Denver Moving Services offers full packing and unpacking services that can be customized to meet the needs of any move, large or small. Our professional movers can pack every item in your home from silverware to large furniture. At Denver Moving we proudly ourselves on ensuring that your items are packed efficiently and transported safely. Denver Moving Services has experienced workers that will take gentle and efficient care of your belongings.We make sure to pack each item with the same care and delicacy to ensure we don’t just relocate your items, but also keep them safe and unharmed.


Storage Solutions 

Storage solution-If your residence is not ready just yet, we’ll store your belongings at our secure, convenient storage facilities as part of the moving process. We will store them on site until your new house is ready. Once your new home/office is ready we will promptly deliver them to the new location. Being in between homes can be a stressful situation but with Denver Moving Services you can rest easy knowing your belongings are safe and will be stored with the same care they were picked up with. Denver Moving has professional services and we offer the top most efficient and trusting workers that are very helpful with moving and storing your items.


Commercial Move

Commercial move - Denver Moving Services commercial movers are used by companies when they need to relocate their business. So if you're tasked with moving your company, you need to hire a team of commercial movers. With their help, the move will be efficient, quick and smooth. Denver Moving Services can help by packing your furniture, equipment, computers and whatever else is needed. Our commercial movers can also help you unpack after we delivered the items to the destination. Our team will arrive the day of the move with our certified technicians in order to unplug and disassemble all the electrical items correctly. Then, our workers can disassemble and pack everything else and later on reassemble in the new location. Our goal is to get you moved as quick as possible so you can continue running your business as usual.


Boxes / Wood Crates

Boxes/Wooden Crates - With Denver Moving Services you can forget about scratches or damages to any of your items during the moving process. With our experience, knowledge and packing materials we prevent incidents from happening. We know what kind of boxes, crates and materials are best for your belongings. We will wrap and pack your things in a way that they remain protected and unharmed. That being said let us do the heavy work while you prepare for your new destination. Moving or relocating doesn't have to be a scary experience.


Move + Storage 

Moving and storage - Booking a storage along with your move can be extremely helpful, when it comes to a number of scenarios. Either your new house is being renovated and you can't move there yet or your old house got sold before you expected and you need a storage solution to preserve your items before moving out . A storage comes in handy to hold and keep all your belongings secure until you are able to move them in. Once the new home is ready and available we will deliver the belongings. Another case can be that your are downsizing and don’t have enough room for all your furniture, etc. Denver Moving Services provides a very professional service, along with efficient and trusting workers that are here to help with your move and storage if necessary.


Residential Move 

Residential move - When it comes to residential moves, there is no house/apartment too big or too small for us to handle. At Denver Moving Services we understand and value the importance of ones home. It is a place where you are supposed to feel the most safe, comfortable and at peace. Our movers have this in mind as they help you transition into your new home. They handle each household item carefully and with respect, making sure nothing gets damaged or left behind. All our services are available for all residential moves, whether they be local or long distance.


Special Move 

Special move - Denver Moving Services offers the option of a special move; a special move includes pianos, antiques, pool tables, fine art, hand expensive frames and all other valuables. We take our special moves very seriously, our priority is to pack your valuables in away that they will be 100% secure throughout loading, transit and unloading. Our experienced movers will handle all special items with the utmost care and efficiency. One of the ways we are able to keep such items secure is by using our custom-made boxes that we assemble ourselves. These boxes are designed to specifically for these special items. We also offer soft crates and wooden crates upon request.


Move + Full Packing 

Move + Full packing - When you choose Denver Moving Services for your

packing needs, you have the ability to work with one team that is all on the same page in terms of technique, work ethic, and commitment to customers. Our professionally trained moving teams are not only experts in home moving, but have extensive training in packing, which ensures your belongings are safe and secure during the entire move. We can pack as much or as little as you need for your next home or business move – it’s your decision! Thinking about packing yourself? We also offer packing supplies, including specialty boxes, packing tape, bubble and stretch wrap, and other high quality boxes for you to get the job done right.


International Move 

International move - Here at Denver Moving Services we are experts when it comes to immigration, housing, customs and culture. Our international move specialist teams can help you plan and manage your next international move. We will go out of our way to make sure the packing of your belongings are 100% secure so they are ready to arrive at your new home exactly how you left them in our care.Leave it to Denver moving services to do the heavy duty tasks while you enjoy learning and exploring your new home and its surroundings.


Car Transportation 

Car transportation - When it comes to car transportation there are certain tasks that should be done ahead of time. The goal is to get the car to its destination in the same condition that it was shipped in. Denver Moving Services will guide you throughout the entire process. If you choose to use our car transportation services, we make sure to let you know where your car is throughout the move. We will arrange to pick up your car from your home and drop it off at your new location.

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