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Organization is the key for a successful moving process. Plan before you set foot on your new place. Make a list of all the things that you'll drop and those you'll keep; when you move from one place to another, you get the opportunity to get rid of things that you don't use anymore. Donate, sell, make a garage sell or do it online. Once you decide what you'll keep you can start to visualize the setup of your new place.

After that you can make the inventory. This will let you plan your moving strategy. Boxes never come short. At Denver Moving Services we can provide you with boxes and crates and help you with the packing process but you can also pack by yourself. Secure all your stuff with the help of regular objects: a box of wine for your glasses or cups, for example. Remember to label every box so you can easily find what you need.

Brief your moving company. Let us know your destination and the local rules we need to follow when we get there.The moving truck has an order to accommodate your stuff. Appliances as fridges or washers are the first to be loaded wile beds and furniture go next. The tings you'll need the most will be loaded last.

Service providers should be notified 6 weeks before you move out and the same applies or providers for your new place, because you'd want to have all your services available from the day you move in. You should also notify your bank and insurance company, social security, cancel newspaper or magazines deliveries, your doctor could transfer your medical records, and i you have kids, their records should be organized too.

It's a good idea to prepare snacks for the moving day, specially for long distance travels. Include a cooler in your planning. If any of your family members needs to take any prescription medicine, remember to have those at hand. Some essentials like toilet paper, cleaning supplies or a change of clothes, are important.

Be extra careful with breakable objects. Notify us and those packages will be specially packed. Valuables should be on a safe place. Electronics such as computers must be packed individually with loose parts such as remote control or mice, carefully packed. In case of freezers, they need to be defrosted 48 hours before moving.

Goodbye and hello. Let your former neighbors know that you're moving out and introduce yourself to the new ones, informing them about your arrival. Avoid problems and be welcome, without blocking someone entrance or using the elevator at certain times. Some places have more transit that others and that can make your move slower.

Get your inventory list and be sure that every item and box moved in. Once you are at your new home, check that everything is running properly and in case you find something that isn't, contact the responsible person. In case you switched from one city to another, you'll have to register with the City Council or local authorities.

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