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Feel safe when moving with Denver moving services

The most important aspects regarding all relocation services are the safety of your goods. It is crucial that our customers feel safe when moving with Denver moving services, which is why we offer both the mandated basic liability coverage issued by the Department of Transportation, as well as our own 3rd party Moving Insurance Company in order to accommodate the needs of all of our clients. The 3rd party moving insurance offers more extensive coverage, as well as full value protection.

Denver Moving Services is registered with Baker International

For over 30 years Baker International has had the most competitive rates in the market. Of course the real value of any insurance company is how they respond in the event of a claim. No one does it better than Baker International. Claims are settled in-house by a most qualified adjusting team, supported by our extensive network of quality repair and restoration professionals.

You may call Baker Moving Insurance at 1-800-356-0099 to purchase additional moving insurance or get a quote right over the phone, anytime during normal business hours.

If you require any assistance receiving a quote, please do not hesitate to call our sales department 1-720-949-1237

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